Reduced Turnover by 50% at Cassano’s Pizza King

Cassano’s Pizza KING, a regional pizza chain with 33 restaurants, was averaging 200% turnover rates, and within eighteen months of working with us, their turnover was reduced by 50%.

Cassano’s Pizza King is a family-owned pizza chain based out of Dayton, Ohio, specializing in signature pizzas, famous subs and other Italian favorites since1953. With their recent growth, Cassano’s was struggling to hire effective managers that would accurately represent their brand. “The turnover in managers seemed to never end, “ explained VP of Operations, Janet Hurley.

The Solution

In order to standardize their hiring process and reduce turnover, we met with key stakeholders, understood their current approach, and diagnosed gaps in their process. We then had their best existing managers take the Success Survey and designed a benchmark for the role, integrated the Survey into the hiring process and changed the profile of the new hires they made by comparing them to the benchmark.

“The Success Survey has had such a positive impact on our training, our hiring, and our whole overall business experience. It’s been amazing. I don’t think you can afford not to do it.”
-Vic Cassano, CEO

The Results

By implementing the Success survey and coaching plans, we were able to standardize the hiring of managers, identify the behavioral characteristics of the personality profile of their top managers and then only hire people like them going forward. Within eighteen months, Cassano’s turnover was reduced by 50% as evidenced by a dramatic reduction in the amount of W2’s.